With Cathy Scuffil, Rachel Sayers and Ruth Griffin

City Assembly House

12/10/2019 at 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Clothing, textiles and fibres are an intrinsic part of our everyday lives – they provide comfort, protection and decoration. Dublin has a long history of textile making and clothing manufacture. This short seminar in the beautiful surrounds of the Georgian-era City Assembly House will look at three aspects of Dublin’s fabric and fashion history:


Cathy Scuffil on the History of Weaving in the Liberties

The Liberties of Dublin has a long association with the weaving industry. In the latter part of the 1600s, the French Huguenots set up in the Earl of Meath’s Liberty, and from this a community of poplin and silk weavers were established. The industry declined with the imposition of tariffs and changes in trade and today has all but died out. More recently, there is renewed interest in this industry with classes now operating in the area.


Rachel Sayers ‘Sure he wore them stockings on his legs going over the border!’ Clothes rationing and home sewing in Ireland 1930–60

Rachel will give a brief overview of the period before World War Two and the effect clothes rationing had on Irish women’s clothing choices both before and after the war.


Ruth Griffin on Dublin, Fashion & The City

A talk about the relationship between fashion and the city of Dublin from the history of textiles, fashion and manufacturing to the fashion cultures that have evolved in the city over the years.

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