Catriona Crowe and Donal Fallon with actors Cathy Belton and Bryan Murray

Printworks, Dublin Castle

19/10/2019 at 1:00pm

Great Irish Speeches will feature emotive addresses by the nation’s greatest orators, all of which have had a remarkable impact on the course of Irish and world history. Each speech will be preceded by an introduction by Catriona Crowe or Donal Fallon which places the address in context and underlines its historical significance. Each speech will then be read by Bryan Murray or Cathy Belton.


Catriona Crowe is the former head of Special Projects at the National Archives of Ireland

Donal Fallon is a historian, writer and co-creator of the Come Here To Me! history website

Cathy Belton has appeared in a wide-range of television, stage, film, and radio productions

Bryan Murray has 35 years experience on stage and screen

Booking not required.