Anne Dolan and William Murphy in conversation with Mark Duncan


15/09/2020 at 7:00pm

Michael Collins knew the power of his persona, and capitalised on what people wanted to believe. The image we have of him comes filtered through a sensational lens, exaggerated out of all proportion. We see what we have come to expect: `the man who won the war’, the centre of a web of intelligence that `brought the British Empire to its knees’. He comes to us as a mixture of truth and lies, propaganda and misunderstanding. The willingness to reduce him to a caricature of his many parts, clouds our view of both the man and the revolution. Drawing on archives in Ireland, Britain and the United States, the authors question our traditional assumptions about Collins. Was he the man of his age, or was he just luckier, more brazen, more written about and more photographed than the rest?

Anne Dolan is Associate Professor in Modern Irish History at Trinity College Dublin specialising in the nature and the legacy of violence and killing throughout the revolutionary period in Ireland.

William Murphy teaches in the departments of History and Geography at Dublin City University.  His primary field of research is modern Irish history, with a particular expertise in the history of the Irish revolutionary period.

Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution by Anne Dolan and William Murphy is available to order from your local library or from our festival bookseller The Gutter Bookshophttps://gutterbookshop.con/product-category/dfh20/

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