With Eamon Delaney

27/09/2020 at 11:00am

Author Eamon Delaney gives us a walking tour of Quarry Road, Cabra, built by the British Government for veterans of World One. It is one of many such housing developments built around the city, for ex-military families, mostly from working class backgrounds. The distinctive houses were administered by the Irish Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Land Trust, a unique organisation which crossed national legislative boundaries and which tells us much about Irish history and its complicated legacies, including the extensive Irish involvement in the British military tradition going back centuries. As it happens, the distinctive ‘Homes for Heroes’ – as the Quarry Road houses were described – became the template for the much wider development of Cabra, by the Irish State in the 1940s. The tour will begin at the Cabra end of Quarry Road and proceed to the Faussagh roundabout.

Eamon Delaney is an author, journalist and former diplomat. He has a special interest in the legacy of Irish involvement in the British military.

This walk is subject to public health guidelines and booking is essential. If you book a space and cannot make it, please let us know.

Booking required.