Dan Jones in conversation with Conor Kostick

Printworks, Dublin Castle

19/10/2019 at 11:00am

Dan Jones, best-selling chronicler of the Middle Ages, turns his attention to the history of the Crusades, the sequence of religious wars fought between the late eleventh century and late medieval periods. Crusading armies from European Christian states attempted to wrest the Holy Land from Islamic rule in wars which have left an enduring imprint on relations between the Muslim world and the West to this day. Hear tales soaked in Islamic, Christian and Jewish blood, peopled by extraordinary characters, and characterised by both low ambition and high principle.


Dan Jones is a writer, historian and TV presenter. His book The Plantagenets and the War of the Roses was a New York Times best-seller.


Conor Kostick is a writer and a lecturer in history at TCD.

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