Frank McDonough in conversation with Jennifer Wellington

Printworks, Dublin Castle

18/10/2019 at 7:00pm

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed the German Chancellor of a coalition government. In a few months he installed a dictatorship, jailing and killing his leftwing opponents, terrorising the rest of the population and driving Jews out of public life. After the grim years of the Great Depression, Germany was reborn as a brutal and determined European power intent on avenging the mythical ‘stab in the back’ of 1918. In this masterly popular history Frank McDonough shows Hitler winning-over ordinary Germans to his vision of a renewed Reich, preparing for the moment that would realise his ambitions for Germany.


Frank McDonough is Professor of International History at Liverpool John Moores University. He has written many books on the Third Reich including: The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler’s Secret Police and Sophie Scholl: The Woman Who Defied Hitler.


Jennifer Wellington is a lecturer in modern history at UCD.

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