2016 Festival

Ireland: The Autobiography: Eyewitness Accounts of Irish Life since 1916

Published: August 14, 2019 by source

John Bowman in conversation with Patrick Geoghegan.

Ireland: The Autobiography offers a fresh, vivid take on the last century of Irish life through a brilliant collection of eyewitness accounts and recollections. Broadcaster and historian John Bowman has spent years mining archives, diaries and memoirs to create a remarkably varied and intense mosaic of voices and perspectives. Collectively, they give us an image of Ireland unlike anything we’ve read before.

Dr John Bowman is a historian and broadcaster. Ireland: The Autobiography: Eyewitness accounts of Irish Life since 1916 is his third book.
Patrick Geoghegan is Professor of Modern History at Trinity College Dublin.

Recorded at Printworks, Dublin Castle on 25 September 2016.