The programme for the 2015 Dublin Festival of History is once again packed with interesting lectures, debate, film and walks providing the history lover with a great array of events to attend.

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As the centenary of the 1916 Rising approaches, the festival will open with a panel of Irish historians reflecting on commemorative events to date, and looking ahead to the plans to mark the centenary of the Rising. Lectures in the branch libraries take up the 1916 theme with talks on the Pearse sisters and the women who took part in the rebellion. A particular focus will be on the historic past of some of Dublin’s civic buildings. We know that the HQ of Dublin City Council Public Libraries was once the HQ of the 3rd Dublin Brigade (during the War of Independence) and I am particularly interested in hearing that story at the lecture “The Pearse Street ambush at No. 144: 14 March 1921”.

The very fabric of the city that we live and work in everyday is steeped in history, a history that can be uncovered in the Dublin and Irish Collections at Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street where we aim to preserve, share and promote the record of Dublin and Irish heritage and enable historical research.

This year we are delighted to introduce a Family and children’s programme to the Festival. Children’s Books Ireland has worked with us to produce exciting and creative events ranging from Marita Conlon-McKenna speaking about the Great Famine to learning how to become your own family archivist. Children can build a Georgian city, try on historical dress or “Solve the History Mystery” in branch libraries. The Dublin Festival of History is a wonderful opportunity for all to listen, participate and engage in historical debate right in the heart of the city. I invite you to come along and enjoy.

You can see full details of the programme on this website and download the 2015 Festival Programme in PDF.