2016 Festival

Commemorating 1916: Looking Back

Published: June 5, 2019 by source

Panel with Martina Devlin, Diarmaid Ferriter, Patsy McGarry, Ronan McGreevy, Margaret O’Callaghan and moderator Sarah Carey.

Despite the many dire warnings of the risks involved in the 1916 commemorations, the general consensus confirmed that Ireland had not only conducted them with dignity and gravitas but had also succeeded in igniting a public mood of pride and confidence as people streamed onto the streets to remember Ireland’s journey towards self-determination. How can we sustain the positive tone in future commemorations? Will Civil War politics provoke division and old enmities? A panel of distinguished experts examines the key issues.

Martina Devlin is a novelist and columnist for the Irish Independent. Diarmaid Ferriter is Professor of Modern Irish History at UCD. Patsy McGarry is Religious Affairs correspondent with The Irish Times. Ronan McGreevy is a news reporter with The Irish Times. He is the editor of Was it for This? Reflections on the Easter Rising. Margaret O’Callaghan is a senior lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast School of History. Sarah Carey is a columnist and broadcaster.

Recorded at Printworks, Dublin Castle on 23 September 2016.