2013 Festival

Unofficial Histories

Published: August 14, 2019 by source

With Donal Fallon, Mark Little, Jane Ohlmeyer & moderator Joe Duffy.

History is written, it is said, by the victors or by those official and elite historians of the winning side. But there are many other versions of the past. In Unofficial Histories the panel will discuss how society produces, presents, and consumes history and explore the interactions between competing and corresponding impulses in history-making: the scholarly and the political; the academic and the everyday; the traditional media and the new social media which can beam news across continents in an instant. Donal Fallon writes primarily on the social history of the Irish capital and runs Come Here To Me, a group blog that focuses on the life and culture of Dublin city. Mark Little runs Storyful, the first news agency of the social media age filtering breaking news amid the noise of the internet.

Professor Jane Ohlmeyer is Erasmus Smith’s Professor of Modern History at Trinity College Dublin.

Joe Duffy is the presenter of Liveline on RTÉ Radio 1.

Recorded at Dublin Castle, Printworks venue on 28th September 2013.