Please note that a valid EU Digital COVID Certifcate (or other valid form of proof of immunity against COVID-19) and matching photo ID is required in order to attend all Dublin Festival of History 2021 events at The Printworks, Dubln Castle. Entry to the event will not be granted without these.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate or the HSE Vaccination Card will be the primary evidence used accessing the venue.

Other proofs of immunity include COVID-19 Certificates that have been issued by non-EU states.

For these non-EU certificates, they should contain:

Confirmation that the person has been vaccinated

  • The date or dates on which the person was vaccinated
  • The state body which either delivered the vaccination programme or is authorised to issue the certificate
  • Where a certificate is not in Irish or English, a translated version may be accepted.
  • You may also be asked for photo ID to prove that the EU Digital COVID Certificate, HSE COVID-19 Vaccination Card or other proof of immunity is yours.

Proof of recovery from Covid-19 is also an acceptable document to gain entry. This information should have been issued by:

  • the Health Service Executive
  • the Health and Safety Authority
  • comparable international body known to those inspecting the document