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2023 Festival – Episode 7.

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In this episode, from the Dublin Festival of History 2023, Fergus Whelan remembers the revolutionary and poet Dr William Drennan (1754-1820). Dr Drennan, a onetime elder of the Dublin Unitarian Church congregation, was born the son of a unitarian minister and made his life’s work the building of ‘a Brotherhood of Affection to Break Down the Brazen Walls of Separation’ which had been erected between ‘Irishmen by Distinctions of Rank, Property and Religious Persuasion’.

Fergus Whelan is the author of ‘May Tyrants Tremble’.

This episode was recorded at the Dublin Unitarian Church, on September 28, 2023.

The Dublin Festival of History is brought to you by Dublin City Council, and organised by Dublin City Libraries, in partnership with Dublin City Council Culture Company.

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