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2020 Festival – Episode 7.

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The 1921 partition of Ireland had huge ramifications for almost all aspects of Irish life and was directly responsible for hundreds of deaths and injuries, with thousands displaced from their homes and many more forced from their jobs. Two new justice systems were created; the effects on the major religions were profound, with both jurisdictions adopting wholly different approaches; and major disruptions were caused in crossing the border, with invasive checks and stops becoming the norm.

Very little has been written on the actual effects of partition, the-day-to-day implications, and the complex ways that society, north and south, was truly and meaningfully affected. Cormac Moore’s Birth of the Border: The Impact of Partition in Ireland is the most comprehensive account to date on the far-reaching effects of the partitioning of Ireland.

In this episode author and Dublin City Council historian-in-residence Cormac Moore explains how the partition of Ireland in 1920 came about. The questions are asked by Deputy City Librarian Brendan Teeling and episode was recorded via Zoom on the 3rd October 2021.